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Top tip's for home hair colour

At the beginning of lockdown I was adamant to keep all of my clients on track, embracing

their natural regrowth for a while & I really didn't want anybody using 'off the shelf' colours. Now, 12 weeks later, I am SO impressed of that tiny % of my clients who have resisted. Let me be clear, I am NOT judging you if you have attempted, or are planning on trying out a DIY hair colour. What ever makes your lockdown life easier, I'm all for! Please do note however, I don't have a magic wand & if anything does go a bit south with your DIY colour, it's not always an easy fix. Sometimes tripling the cost of your normal appointment and a hell of a lot more time and effort - but lets cross that bridge when we come to it, eh?

Here's a few professional pointers for you, if you are about to go for it!

Do’s of home hair colour

  • Do always skin test 48 hours before you go ahead with colouring - this is incredibly important. Allergic reactions are more common than people may think, and in some cases, much more severe than an itchy scalp. Sometimes as serious as eyes, throat or tongue swelling causing difficulties to breathe. Skin testing is important!

  • Do always have realistic expectations. There is a reason that a black to platinum blonde transformation doesn’t happen, very often, in one session for professionals.

  • Do protect your skin by wearing gloves.

  • Do do as the manufacturers instructions tell you to do. Rinse off after allocated time is up. Leaving it on for longer, or not enough time will more often than not, leave you with uneven/blotchy results.

Don’ts of home hair colouring

  • Don’t push you hair to its absolute limits. If you are hoping to give yourself a huge makeover, do some test try’s first of all! Use some strands of hair from underneath and have a practice go. This will give you a true representation of how your colour will look.

  • Don’t over bleach! If your hair isn’t as blonde as you were hoping for, don’t do it again and again until it is. Chances are your hair will be super blonde by the end of your third bleach, but it will probably not be attached to your head anymore!

  • Don’t overlap the colour. This is easier said than done, but, you do need to be super careful on where you are putting the new colour. For example, if you have gorgeous chocolate brown ends and you are trying to top up those roots, by putting the same colour on your uncoloured regrowth to your very coloured ends, you will cause a build up of product.. This resulting in beautiful chocolate brown roots, and dull/lifeless/questionable ends.

  • Don’t do anything too permanent to start with when going darker. Using a ‘demi’ or 'semi' permanent colour, will give you much more shine and will be much better for your hairs health in the long run. It’s much easier to remove if you’re not a fan, and it gives you a test run of your new colour, without the commitment.

Now, let's just be 100% transparent - I am not encouraging home colouring. I am however understanding of your mental wellbeing. If disguising your roots or toning your blonde is going to help you get through your week - DO IT! I'll do my job to the best of my ability when we can finally open again, and we can sort any dodgy bits together! Good luck, & I miss you lots! Sophie x

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