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Hair loss, or the illusion of!

Updated: May 23, 2020

Okay! So hair loss is obviously a pretty stressful subject. Sometimes we know why it’s happening, and sometimes we’re at a loss! Before we go any further, I am definitely not a doctor (way too squeamish!!!) - if you have any noticeable balding or extra extreme amounts of hair loss suddenly, please seek your GP’s advice. There could be a number of reasons for this including thyroid issues/ change or meds/ hormone imbalance etc. Now, luckily, a lot of the time I’ve found that it isn’t actually hair loss that you’re dealing with. It’s the illusion of hair loss.

Did you know? You lose on average 100 hairs ... every day! Yep, anywhere between 525 and 840 hairs, will shed naturally from your scalp, every week! Whaaaaat??? I’ll give you a minute to take that in... So on that note, if you’re as lazy as me with your hair (I know, I know, ‘practice what you preach’ and all that...) but anyway, you chuck your hair up in the morning, sleep in the same messy bun & repeat it the next day, you will have roughly 200 ‘loose’ hairs needing to escape. On the third day you brush your hair and think ‘aw sh*t, that’s a lot of hair’ [que tears] - quite rightly, it is undoubtedly scary! [side note] When you get hair extensions removed, HOW TERRIFYING is it when your stylist brushes and all you’re seeing is your own hair coming out! Dis is why! Don’t be scared . So, if you’re reading this & having a light bulb moment , here’s what to do! 1. Brush yo hair! Start at the ends & gently get rid of any lil tugs, move up half way & get rid of tugs from there. Then from root to ends, you’ll be able to glide your brush through without yanking from the root. 3 times a day please 2. Then, most importantly, brush your scalp!! This will get rid of any hair that’s due to shed, giving you a healthier base for the fresh strands to grow back in. Preferably use a paddle brush/ Tangle Teezer/ bristle brush. 3. Cleanse & exfoliate your scalp. Just like your skin, once a week & thorough.

Healthy scalp = healthy hair. Use a gentle exfoliating shampoo as a pre wash for this.

4. Give your scalp a lil massage too, it keeps those blood vessels pumping (btw does anybody else go a bit cross eyed during a head massage?). 5. Go back and re-read number 2, don’t forget about that one!

Find the Goldilocks pressure. Not too gently but not too rough!

P.s. If you use a lot of hairspray, dry shampoo etc, you’re gonna want to make sure that’s out completely and not blocking up your scalp & hair follicles! NINJA TIP: when your exfoliating shampoo is on (after you’ve brushed your scalp & before your actual shampoo) pop a towel in toasty water and tuck it round your head until it cools! It helps draw all them nasties out, unblock follicles, aaand it’s lovely! Then carry on with your second shampoo & don’t forget the conditioner. Chat conversation end

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