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Anti Oxidents - what even are they?

Anti Oxidants

So, I know I ramble on a lot about anti oxidants & one of my fav products ‘Young Again Oil’ is full of them! I’m always telling people how it’s so great, ‘it’s got heat protectant, it’s a weightless smoothing oil, it keeps your hair super shiney, it’ll half your blowdrying time AND it’s full on anti-oxidants’.

That’s great, buuuut do you all actually know what anti oxidants are? I’ll be honest, I didn’t know until a few years ago! I knew they were a good thing, and I’d hear the phrase so often that I kinda assumed I knew what it meant!

So, oxidisation on your hair is kind of like rust on a bike. Not good, eh! It’ll peel back the outer layer of your hair, and reveal the red/orange undertone (remember I spoke about a smarties tube in my ‘Bleach, Blonde and Blasphemy’ blog - this undertone is the red/orange smartie!!). So you’ll be left feeling brassy and probably not the colour your after.

So anti oxidants, keep it rust free! If you cut up an avocado, and leave it over night it’ll go discoloured, yeah? But if you add some lemon juice, and make guacamole, it’ll stay lovely and green! So lemon juice is the anti oxidant!

Same deal with your hair, if you add Anti Oxidants to your hair care routine, your colour is gonna behave much better & stay fresher for longer!

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