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Supermarket shampoo, and why do hairstylists squirm when they're mentioned

Updated: May 23, 2020

Today’s topic...


At every consultation, one of our most asked questions to the client is, ‘what are you using at home?’.

We can feel you holding back on that “I can’t be bothered with a lecture” eye roll, almost every time we ask! We will continue to educate you as much as we possibly can on this subject, as it is one of the most important things when it comes to the condition of your hair.

I have chosen to pick on TRESemmé today. Which, btw, is 100% NOT a professional product - no matter how much the tv adverts say it is! Here’s why...

I have listed some of TRESemmé’s ingredients with a brief description of what they do and what else they are used in

Sodium Laureth Sulfate ⛔️Cheap cleanser (that is used in car washes) is used to strip grease from car engines - what do you think it will do to the £95 colour you have just paid for?

Sodium Chloride 🚫Aka, salt - it will give your hair chest pains too! Now, imagine jumping into the ocean’s salt water. Dunking your head under and then trying to comb your hair... sore isn’t it?!

Dimethiconol ❗️A fancy name for silicone. So, silicone is like plastic. This coats your hair & gives it a gorgeous shine. Sounds good, doesn’t it? Okay, so now imagine putting a plastic bowl in the oven at 230degrees, which ‘iron’ically, is the same heat as your beloved straightener’s - see where I’m going with this? Melty shmelty!

Sodium hydroxide 🛑Used in over cleaners - great, it’ll definitely shift my day 4 grease then! Maybe so, but I defo don’t recommend adding Mr Muscle into your beauty regime!

DMDM hydantoin ❌This preservative releases formaldehyde which, quoting Britney, is ‘Toxic’. Formaldehyde is the preservative used in dead bodies to prevent decomposer...

Tea-dodecylbenzenesulfonate 🆘Don’t ask me to spell it, but do ask me what it does! This is another foaming agent, but with added ouch. Can cause eye irritation, skin irritation, cracked skin & burns.

A huge amount of, if not all, supermarket shampoos will share these ingredients. Stores including Boots, Superdrug & Tk Maxx.

Now let me ask you this:- You buy a beautiful silk dress for a party at £95. That morning you get your balayage brightened & tone freshened also at £95.

Would you chuck your new £95 dress in the washing machine with cheapo detergent, or would you spend 20 quid & pop it into the dry cleaners?

You wear your hair everyday, it pays to invest in it. Ask us in salon what products we would recommend for you - you won’t regret it


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