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Say no to CoCo!

Updated: Mar 12, 2021

Let’s talk coconuts 🥥 - you are all ‘bounty’ (I couldn't resist) be interested!

More importantly, Coconut Oil!

As much as I looove Pinterest, I HATE how often coconut oil is made out to be a #1, go-to product. Let’s make this clear, coconut oil ain’t good for your hair. I repeat, coconut oil is not your friend! 📢❌

Let’s think about it ...

Coconut oil is a solid, yes? Until it is heated & then turns to a liquid. So, beloved Pinterest tells us to heat it up, slather your hair & scalp in this wonderful miracle product & leave it until fairies do their job & voila - beautiful shiny hair. Smashing!

Buuut..... now that our oil has cooled down on our scalp, it has turned to a solid again.

This solid substance is now blocking our hair follicles.

Next port of call - washing it out.

Now, let’s imagine 2 magnets, one with a positive & one with a negative charge. They push each other away, don’t they? The same idea happens with our water & our oil. Our oil is pushing the water away from our hair, causing the oil to carry on blocking the hair follicles. The oil is also pushing any water which is inside our hair, back into the environment.

✏️Hair needs moisture = fact

🔍Moisture = water

👀Oil - water

👎=brittle hair

Long story short, eventually coconut oil will block your follicles so much that hair will not be able to grow through its nutty barricade. It will also force all much-needed moisture out of your hair & will cause it to become dull, heavy & brittle.

Ask a professional which hair mask they would recommend for your hair! I personally love all things Kevin Murphy, the Angel Masque is a lovely strengthener & makes my own hair feel soooo incredibly smooth.


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