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Blonde, bleach & blasphemey

Updated: Mar 12, 2021


So, I know how addictive it is to scroll through Pinterest & Insta for hours on end searching ‘Balayage’, ‘white Balayage’, ‘icy Balayage’, ‘pastel Balayage’, ‘grey Balayage’, ‘white hair’, silver hair’ etc etc...! You find the perfect photo & book your appointment. Now you have to wait 4 weeks until ‘the big day’, so you Pinterest some more to make sure you’re super sure!

Sound familiar?

Now your heart is set on this one exact picture. Excellent, because we LOVE to see pictures to make sure we are on the same wavelength!

Now, unfortunately, 9 times out of 10 we can find your exact picture but in multiple different colours. Yep, the secrets out, Pinter-gramers loooove photoshop! There is no denying how stunning white hair is, but there is an important reason why it is photoshopped.


will not happen in one appointment, unless you are already suuuuuper blonde and using professional colour, shampoo, treatments & conditioner.

We’ll get slightly science-y..

Imagine hair is a smarties tube (back in the good old days when blue ones weren’t banned). So we have 4 colours of smarties (colour pigments). 💙blue ❤️red 🧡orange 💛yellow

Through the munching (lightening) process, blue goes first, red goes next, then orange, leaving yellow. Now, if all the yellow gets eaten the tube is empty & no good for anyone. Same rule applies, if we remove all yellow pigment, our hair is no good. It’s structure has been removed & it will become weak & flimsy causing it to break. Are you still following or have I now made you crave chocolate?

So now we’ve safely lightened your hair to yellow & you’re looking like a lightbulb (this is the stage where I would love to check clients blood pressure levels). Now let’s ditch the smarties & think of a bright yellow sheet of paper & a white colouring pencil. No matter how many times we try & colour that yellow page white, it’s still going to shine through as yellow.

Unfortunately, some people aren’t destined to have white hair. There’s is a tiny minority of hair that will in fact ‘bleach’ to white. Some is a working progress, others it is just not meant to be.

Are you willing to have your tone freshened every 2 weeks, then roots every 4 weeks? Are you willing to invest in the shampoos & protectors we recommend? Are you ready for expensive 4/5-hour appointments?

Maybe your hair is just not made to be as pale as your hoping - remember, it’s better to have healthy hair on your head than white hair that’s lying on the floor! Trust that your stylist is doing the best for your hair, & caring about your condition shows they know what they are doing!

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