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Covid 19 Policy

We are glad you are safe and well. 

If you are showing any symptoms of Covid 19, we ask you to cancel your appointment, with as much notice as possible. Please DO NOT come to the salon. If you have been in contact with anybody who has been showing symptoms of Covid 19, please again DO NOT come to the salon. We will rearrange your appointment for 2 weeks time (subject to health & availability). Your deposit will be transferred to your rebooked appointment. 

What we ask you to do.

- Please only come alone to your appointment. (No kids, no friends, no partners, no dogs)

- Please bring minimal belongings with you. Ideally, just your key’s, purse and phone.

- Please provide your own mask, and this must be worn at all times in the salon. I am aware of how annoying it will be to wear, but it is for our staff’s safety as well as your own. We promise to return the favour.  (Asthma sufferers, please do try to wear a mask if possible. You will however, NOT be made to wear one if you do struggle to breathe with it on!)

- Please use the hand gel provided when you enter the salon, and throughout your appointment

- Please do not come to the salon unless you have an appointment. 

- Please feel free to bring your own refreshments, unfortunately we cannot provide any for you at this time. 

-Please do not arrive early, or late to your appointment.

-Please do not pay with cash when possible, or please have the correct amount in an envelope.

- ALL appointments will start with a shampoo

- We encourage ‘Household Booking’s’. If there is 3-4 of you from the same household, we please ask you to book together. This eliminates the 2-meter social distancing between 2 separate households. We cannot accept any more than 4 people from 1 household in the salon at any one time. Please phone me once you get the booking link to arrange. Please ensure you have days/times in mind & your bank card handy to pay your deposit over the phone.

- We ask if you are bringing young children into the salon in a ‘Household Booking’ to please ensure that they do not run around. We completely understand & appreciate that this is much easier said than done sometimes, but it is important.

- We ask that if you are booking in with Leilah-Mae’s Beauty as well as Sophie Graham Hair, please plan your appointments to be on the same day, when possible – we can help you with this. (Unfortunately, Leilah-Mae’s Beauty will not be back in action quite as soon as we are. We will keep you posted!

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What we are going to do

- To ensure there is no crowded day's, we are going to be working as 2 teams. Leigh and Danielle will be working Sunday's and Monday's. Sophie and Hannah will be working Tuesday to Saturday.

- We will be washing our hands before & after each client/ each time we use the phone/ each time we open the door/ each time we switch between clients

- We will be doing thorough cleans of the salon regularly. Disinfecting door handles/ light switches/ card machine/ hand sanitizer bottles/ computer screen/ keyboard/ toilet flush/ bathroom & kitchen taps/ doorbell

- We will be wearing wipe-able aprons that will get cleaned before/after each client

- We will be wearing a face mask and a visor. These rules are slightly adaptable for our asthma suffering staff, when just a face shield will be required. 

- We will be completely sterilizing all styling units & tools between clients.

- All gowns and towels will be one use only. These will be washed every evening.

- We have had to remove some treatments off of our menu including fringe trims, secret service, shadowing appointments & kids cut (kids are welcome if part of a ‘Household Booking’).

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